mherrman wrote:
I think I'd probably rig something up, maybe with a slew of rechargable 1.25v AA batteries.

A hint from someone that's killed an old 'book that way - watch the current and take the time to add a fuse and some resistors. The minute you ignore ohms law on this type of mod is the minute you're 'book dies.

If you want to travel with a battery like this, individual cells can look bad in an x-ray machine. I occasionally read wearable computing forums and there's always a story or two about a guy being pulled aside and asked about battery packs. In those cases a pre made pack like a larger cell phone battery or some camcorder batteries are a lot easier to explain than a box load of AA's Plus those tend to be Lith-Ion, which should give you a higher Ah rating for the size than NiCd or NiMH