Once again, greetings all:

Not being a PB owner yet, Im not sure if there would be a way to add more battery life to a PB. MY ideal PB would be the new 1.5Ghz 15inch PB, but cash is a little tight for a bit, so sometime in 04 or 05 hopefully.

Currently Im using an Ibm laptop which is slowly dying, but I like the fact I can put another battery in the ultrabay for more time. Do any 3rd party companies offer one of those "attach on the bottom" batteries which I remember seeing for certain non-apple models? Maybe just one which attached into the power connector in the back. 1/4inch thickness would probably allow one to get another hour or so of battery life.

Once I have a new PB, Ill check into it, I do video editing with FCP and DVDS2, so Id need it in certain cases, airport, train, etc...