I would like to clarify two things though.

One of which was my general statement about the G3 being a better "carputer". That is true. It's a better machine overall, and depending on which G3 PB you get, you can get a DVD drive to play movies as well. Nothing was said about the 1400 having issues with MP3 playback. If you are going to install a carputer, it would make more sense to install a machine that has more edge to it than an older PB.

And I have never tried setting up a "carputer" with OS X. I never saw the point of it until everything is integrated and you can access the inboard dash computer to tweak fuel settings as well. A good old MP3 deck is good enough for me at this time. I have seen a few good home brew Linux 'carputers' and MP3 players throughout the years, and decided that since people already have the apps made for atleast Linux, a good recompile for a known good piece of software is worth it, as opposed to using older OS 9 legacy applications that do not have a driver or car friendly interface.

Pimp My Ride had a 'carputer' that ran Windows. The first thought I had was that it was going to crash something on the way home.
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