whitlock wrote:
The carputer, I'm sorry, would not be a good idea. It will just run slow, and not be too impressive. A good carputer, in my opinion, should be atleast a G3.

This implies that you don't believe that a 1400 can't decode MP3's well enough. A "carputer" could include audio playback, or navigational purposes. Surely the navigation couldn't be limited by the processor, so therefore, I imagined that you were implying that the 1400 wouldn't be able to decode audio fast enough.

Have you tried setting up a "carputer" on OS X, whitlock?
It seems to me that many people are under the impression that "it works on "*nix" so therefor I can download the source and compile it on OS X!" Guess what? It's not like that. Sure, there are many cases where this may be true, but there are also many more where it takes a fair bit of tinkering and patching to get the program to compile and run decently.

iTunes has a huge GUI that makes it easy to use from a mouse and keyboard. How does that make it more implementable in a "carputer" set up?

Why don't we just end this here, though, no?