It is true that you can only use the 16bit cards, because that was an issue that plagued Mac technicians for a long time. That is why finding decent USB or Firewire cards was such a pain, because you had to line up a working chipset as well with the bus. I had a vendor that screamed one time when I asked if he had a Firewire card that would work with a 5300cs, and he screamed, literally, screamed at me. I dropped that vendor, and just decided to pay full price w/ MacResQ.

With OS X, there are more apps available to setup a "carputer", as opposed to OS 8.6-9.2.2. I cannot name any apps made for a "carputer" in OS 9, because I could not find any after a few minutes of searching. Atleast I can find *nix applications for OS X. Considering you can put a slim install on there and run a better version of iTunes, like one running party shuffle, is more than enough to say that the possabilites are endless when running X. Not to mention you can compile apps if you find one that would work better. That and speakable apps work better in X than in 9 in general.

And whitlocck, the PPC will do fine playing CD's, and if you put in enough ram and set up a nice cache, you can have nice MP3's too. Also, it's a pain in the ass to set up a simple \\"carputer\\" on OS X.

Who said the PPC would not play CD's well? A pox on the person that said that in this thread. Seriously, no one in this thread mentioned that the PB would not be able to play CD's very well, that was your own statement. Watch how you structure your phrases Tutan, because that was directed at me, if you were wondering why I'm irked right now.

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