Actually, whitlock and mark, the serious problem with the 1400 is that you can only use 16bit pcmcia cards in its slots. This limits you to only the original lucent/orinicco cards, and anything else that is 16 bit. There are ways to get many cards to work on powerbooks, but for the 1400, it must be a 16 bit card. The 1400 works nicely in a picture frame (i did one), but make sure that you get ample flash storage so that you don't have to have a loud hard drive spinning.

And whitlocck, the PPC will do fine playing CD's, and if you put in enough ram and set up a nice cache, you can have nice MP3's too. Also, it's a pain in the ass to set up a simple "carputer" on OS X.

And there Is support for NUBUS powermacs under linux.