I also have a PowerBook 1400/166, just asking to become something useful. Getting WiFi to work on this thing has always been a dream of mine, but from what I can gather, is more like a nightmare.

For starters, the only WiFi cards that I've ever heard of working on a 1400 are those with an Orinoco chispet. While drivers are available, you'll need OS 8.6 or higher to use them. So, after having spent all that money, what do you get? A PowerBook that runs like treacle, that's what. Even OS 8.1 causes the old 1400 to sweat.

Personally, I'm leaning more in the direction of a digital picture frame, but perhaps with more functions. For instance, why not also use it as a CD/MP3 player? Or a wall mounted personal digital assistant. The keyboad could be mounted in a flip-down panel and the trackpad could be attached to the frame.

The other idea I'm toying with is a carputer, but that would be less useful, unless somebody can prove me wrong about the WiFi issue.

In the meantime, any more oringal suggestions are welcome.