Okay, went off half-cocked there. The 27" is simply too big - I wouldn't see the top of the screen under my shelf, and it's too wide anyway! So things get simpler. I've never used a screen larger than 19" before, so 21,5 wide-screen is going to seem huge anyway.

I can get the 3.33GHz C2D 21.5" model with 4Gb RAM etc. for £1,510 and then get 4Gb more ram elsewhere for £90 (instead of the £160 Apple wants). This should keep me going for some years. So, £1,600 less what I get for selling my MBP and my mythically immaculate tibook.

I'd save a small percentage waiting until I'm a student, but then I'd be transferring all my data over to a new mac whilst in the throes of starting a new course, and I could really use the better/bigger screen now. So I think I'm going to do it this month - in time to sell the notebooks in the christmas rush, I hope.

Apologies for the thinking-out-loud shaggy blog story smile.
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