I'm in a quandary. You may not pity me for this...

It's got to the point where I find it pretty hard to read text and some of the more fiddly apps on my MBP's screen unless it's blown up large. Plus the screen is too dark. So I'm taking the plunge and getting out of the portable world and into the desktop world. These new screens are just fantastic.

I have a choice between the top end 21.5" and the bottom end 27" and apart from the screen size, you get the exact same specs between them, price difference over here £150. A further £150 gets the mad 4-core 27".

I've just checked, and the 27" will just fit under the shelf on my desk (these things matter.) What I'm asking myself is, would a 27" screen be just too bloody big? I'll be using it for writing (words and music) and some animation editing and multitrack audio editing, as well as the usual stuff. then there's this 'problem' with the 27" models and flash, which may be a deeper issue.

I guess a trip to the Apple store is in order.

The other quandary is whether I can wait until March (though I'm finding what I'm trying to do right now pretty hard with the smaller screen). Because in March I become a student again, and get a discount (plus they might have got cheaper/faster by then anyway, but that's always the dream/nightmare, isn't it?).
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