Tried the DNS numbers - no change (using the Open DNS numbers now - ,, sudo crontab - came up fine, no strange plugins in the Internet Plugins folder.

At work now where the network is wireless with a so-called satellite isp. They beam the signal to a receiver on our roof from across town. The receiver has an ethernet cable running to the wireless router. Not sure what gear the receiver has in it. Not sure if I can plug in directly from the receiver ethernet cable and get a proper signal. I can go upstairs to the wireless router and plug in directly there. we do have decent tech support from our local isp if needed.

On this same network I just checked our domain from a co-workers computer with the same dead end result. Safari says "contacting"... and it goes nowhere until timing out. It seems as though each network where I have recently uploaded files to the domain gets bolloxed.

Working late today and go plug in at the router if that will help.

Thanks for the help, I do appreciate it.