at work. A friend came in the office Thursday and said come to his office he had something to show me. I thought it was a manuscript or paper... I walked in and he said "What do you think?" I looked and on his desk he had a new MacBook Pro. CDC only supports Windows so I knew it was his personal computer.

WOW ! I asked what made him change. He said he had a 1 1/2 yr old Sony laptop and it took 2-3 minutes to boot VISTA and he was sick of the headaches and sluggishness. So he upgraded to Windows 7 (bad mistake). He said it worked but the visual window was smaller than the screen. He figured it must be a driver or something and went looking for it. From the Sony site, he was informed they no longer support his model (1.5 yrs old ?), maybe that was free support, I didn't ask. Anyway he then went to MS and of course they wanted to charge for on-line assistance and he said he just paid for the upgrade and didn't want to pay any more.

This was the last straw - he's had other problems with Windows and this was the snapping point. So he got on line explored Apple, & went to the local Apple store to see and play with one. Then came back and ordered one over the internet from a 3rd party site in NY to save tax $. He said his next desktop will be a Mac too. He's had it.

BTW - he loves OS X and the MBPro. . . and the touch (Magic) mouse is SWEET !
I told him about One to One because the on line store in NY didn't. He's considering that. I figure for Windows people that should be a no brainer at $2/hr for personal training. It will greatly shorten the learning curve.

Anyway- woo hoo, now there are 6 of us at work (Branch has 30 people) !! laugh
David (OFI)