Another computer on one of the same networks can't resolve the domain. My desktop Mac also will not resolve the url. The only thing I can think of is that something is wrong on our webhost's end. Last Sunday GoDaddy had our site offline because of an automatic renewal that did not go through properly. That issue was resolved immediately and the site was back online within an hour. Later this week when I began uploading new files to the site via ftp is when this problem started occurring with some computers not being able to resolve the url. All other urls are fine and there are no other issues with the computers that would cause this problem.

The only thing hard for me to understand is why only some computers are having this trouble and everyone else can see the site, as far as I know.

Does this seem as though it must be a GoDaddy issue? I am going to call their tech support again to see what they can do. When on the phone with them the other day they said they can see the site just fine, of course. Trouble is, their online ftp app will not connect to the site from my computer. Their online file manager does not work properly with Safari or Firefox. At the moment I have no way to do website updates. Calling GoDaddy now...