I am pro-choice, but for my own reasons respect and understand the pro-life POV. But in the broad context of health care reform, this is a small issue, big only to a select segment of the population. And that select segment -- and their elected representatives -- need to back off and let the bill pass. Then go back and work for modifications to the bill.

I don't discount how important the the abortion issue is to these people, but they have no right -- none, zero, zip, nada -- to hold the rest of the country hostage over one argument that certainly can be settled a short while later.

And to my pro-life friends (hooboy am I gonna get flamed for this) If you really want a good argument for abortion, just look at Joe Lieberman, the Senator from Aetna. The poster boy for the I don't give a crap about what's good for the country at large. mad