So I got this Photoshop 7.0 last week and I decided this weekend I was actually going figure out how to use it. Up 'till now I had barely figured out how to put text onto a figure with an arrow pointing at something. Layers were a new phenomena. I was using SuperPaint just a few weeks ago. I miss the arrows.<br>Anyway, the first thing I wanted to tackle was the header pic onthe top of all of my lab's pages. I put something together in 1994 and never went back and changed anything except when "aqua" came out I went a little nuts sprinkling them around.<br>So critique. this is what I had<br><br>(if your background has color this looks even worse than it is)<br>and after an evening of tweaking I got this:<br><br><br>I think it looks better but after staring at the old one for seven years I may have overdone it.<br>Question:<br>Is it over fuzzy?<br>Are the shadows too much?<br>The Dana-Farber Cancer Inst words are just like our logo but my lab name above I chnaged font. Mistake? Should I match the font below to make it cleaner?<br>I box the graphic in a fat border table. To see the final result go to:<br><br>As you can see the html is as simple as you can get. Researchers can be coming from the weirdest browsers so I can't do anything flashy. Probably still works with NCSA Mosaic 1.0<br><br>Paul Morrison ... truth should never get in the way of a good story