well application windows will maybe do some things I don't do.. I have had it installed in the past but I have so much other stuff I must have removed it thinking what does this do that I don't already have... I have some 175 items in my extension folder (and we all know how many of those items are folders full of more extensions), lugging 50 control panels around so I may as well be patriotic to the American nature of this equipment and install 51.... see if that gives me some more conflicts.<br><br>Oh yeah and I concur I am a GoMac addict... ResEdit is probably the application I use MOST whether I am online or not..(apart from ICQ AIM and Eudora which all run whenever I am on net, which is mostly). Almost every application I have has been opened and scrutinized, pulled apart and put back together again in ResEdit. None of them have a standard splash! (why just an hour ago for an experiment I removed Eudora's splash entirely, even though I had recently made a batch of 30 splash's for it). Some applications like IE now have animated splashes, others like Virex have a single pixel splash. MS Office has all its splashes removed.. golly it loads fast without them! I have changed bits here, bits there to suit myself with absolutely no knowledge of how that will make me come unstuck until it happens. Then I have to back out of that corner, see why that happened, see if I can do anything about it, see whether I want to bother trying that particular hack or not... It is and has been all a learning process not really going anywhere with any purpose just seeing what makes these things tick and whether I can change defaults to suit my tastes or whether I want it at all. .<br>Maybe I will get a life and a job and go back to just using a database application and a word processor but I doubt I could ever live that simply... I would always be saying "I wonder if ResEdit can change that..." <br><br>..

but where will we be when the future comes?