Dear god, is this what it takes to install a new OS? Really?!?

Read this over lunch today. I think I know why Silverman went with bullet points instead of numbers. laugh If I were his editor, I would have bumped his bullet point/No. 7 to the top of the list, for obvious reasons. Then I would dock his pay for the error, and smack him upside the head while saying "Duh!" ~

[Bullet point/No. 7] Check the system requirements for Windows 7 to see if your PC is powerful enough to run it. Although Microsoft says 1 GB of RAM will work with the 32-bit version, I'd strongly recommend you have at least double that. You can buy 2 GB of RAM for well under $50 for most modern PCs. Install your RAM - or any hardware upgrades - BEFORE you install Windows 7. Use's memory scanner to find out what kind of RAM will work in your system.

When I say my prayers tonight, besides the usual "And surprise the hell outta Paul when his time comes," I'm going to add "Thank you that I'm a MacBabe." wink

I always deserve it. Really.