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Curious coffee buzz question, Sarge. Are Macs better now at CAD and 3D than they used to be?

No, simply because the software isn't there. 3DMax is still PC only, and Maya isn't up to par with the Windows and Linux versions.

Not to mention pro 3D cards, which are plentiful on the Windows/Linux side of things but the choice on OS X currently is.. zero. Seriously, an HD4870 in the Mac Pro for "More graphics intensive work"? That's a year and a half old gaming card they want to charge me $200 extra for. Newegg sells them for around $120.

Apple needs to get serious about video cards, especially for pro work. That's the real problem.

However there are some good developments. For instance, I believe there is an OS X version of Artios CAD forthcoming (won't hold my breath though).


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