Ah, no raining on this parade. There is rain for nine more months if you don't have a job. And the inflation rate will kick in and will keep time with the DOW ticking up or at least it better as the debt load on our economy has to become less valued and that is the only way to do it.

Now my exuberance is not saying AAPL at 400 in a year. Those days are gone. 223 by Christmas and 285 by end of 2010. Not a bad return. Of course as Reboot has pointed out, no return at all unless you sell.

[edit] and if you go back and look at my posts I called it right all the way through. Nothing irrational about it. Just didn't know exactly when the meltdown would occur. I blundered on that by pure fortuitous accident.

The other part I have gotten wrong is I thought hyper inflation would show up and it hasn't. Or not so you would notice. But at interest rates scraping the bottom an inflation rate of 8.5 would be huge.

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