Wait, is this an iPhoto issue or iPhone?

Reading your original post, it sounds like an iPhoto one.

For some reason, my iPhone roll can not be deleted from iPhoto. I have 80 photos in the roll. They are all ghosted...no thumbnails.

But, I *think* you are talking about removing photos off of your iPhone through iPhoto?

Is this correct: You hook up the iPhone, iPhoto pops up and you try to delete the photos from your iPhone through iPhoto?

If so, I think there may be a bug? I tried it myself...downloaded my photos into iPhoto, then this window pops up:

I click Delete, and they are still on my iPhone.

I checked with iTunes to see if there was a setting there to delete, nope.

So, as far as I know, the only true way to delete photos on your iPhone is to do it manually one by one. Sorry.