What is your favorite flavor of ice cream??<br><br>We hardly ever buy ice cream, but last night, I needed some (no, I'm not pregnant, just a craving). We hardly ever buy the expensive kind, but oh, yummy, it looked so good, and I could not choose, so I got to choose TWO Ben & Jerry's flavors: <br><br><br><br>I broke into this one last night - NY SuperFudge (because I am not the best photographer, it might be hard to read the contents in the picture above) - it is chocolate with "white & dark fudge chunks, pecans, walnuts & fudge-covered almonds." All I can say is YUM, YUM, YUM:<br><br><br><br>And this one, well, I have yet to try some, I only cracked it open to show all of you what it looks like (well maybe so I could take a peek too). I'm not sure about the name, "Chunky Monkey," it just sounds wrong. Maybe it needs a dancing banana on the label (hint, hint, for more potential post padding). It is banana ice cream with "fudge chunks and walnuts."<br><br><br><br>MrsJC<br><br>Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug

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