I asked myself, "What widget could you absolutely not live without on your Mac?" And the answer was (drum roll, please)... ApplWindows! No, it has NOTHING to do with Microsoft... It is an old control panel that allows you to access your Finder menu just about anywhere you want and upon switching to an app in the Finder menu, ApplWindows will hide all other apps for you. "Other softwares do stuff like that", you say? Well, yes and no. FinderPop is great and I use that heavily. Wapp Pro is cool too. BUT, ApplWindows behaves in ways they don't! Let me say it again: I can't imagine not having this widget, ApplWindows, on all my Macs. And everyone that I have gotten to use it says the same, "a must-have". Glom it: IT IS FREE, and works with OS 9.1 perfectly even though it is an oldie (1992!)<br><br>