Yikes, the "hard drive module tray sled carrier HD" for a G5 xserve is selling for 155 on Ebay. It sure looks like it is the only thing I need to slip TWO TB into one of these bays. But all searches only point to 1TB with maximum 3TB for the Xserve. I need more. 5TB would do. So I need to get one of these sleds which look to not be a common part so they won't be at the Apple Store. Apple looks like they want to sell the sled and the HD together only.

But 300 bucks for just 1TB? Get real. If the sled cost 155 plus my 189 I can get 2TB in this thing for $344. More like it.

So I have answered #2 NO, and got the name so #1 is done. Jury still out on #3 but I cannot imagine a server is limited to 3TB.