Bought an Xserve this April and my first drive of 1TB is now full. I just went over to Microcenter and bought a 2TB SATA Barracuda drive to stuff in the second bay. Buy it only when you need it and I only paid $189 for 2TB. Now that I poke a flashlight in the Xserve and see how the first drive is mounted I see I need an Apple mount which cradles the drive inside the tin drawer and allows it to just slide in as a hot swappable drive. I also noticed while looking at the Xserve on the Apple site and saw "up to 3TB" which means three 1TB drives in the bays but that is only because Apple does not sell a 2TB right?

So I have three questions:

1) What is the name of this mount which installs an HD into an Xserve?

2) Would an Apple Computer store have one?

3) Is there really an upper limit of 3 TB?