I dl/ed both new QT and iTunes 9.0.

Okay, so iTunes 9 gets one big minus in my book right away.

Most of my tunes are housed on an external usb2 portable iomega mobile drive. So now, at least when on shuffle I click next, either on the iTunes controls, or my logitech wireless usb keyboard, or double-click a song on the playlist, there is a very distinct pause, before it starts the next/chosen song. At least a second, highly, highly annoying.

This pause/lag wasn't there before and this is the 13" unibody MacBook I got in June we're talking here so shouldn't really be about machine. No problem off of the internal HDD though. This is crap.

Other than that it seems to play nice so far.
Yes. I can haz a biz and site, no?