I am a bit green on the networking side of things but I have a small architecture practice & as we are growing, I am trying to understand the tech need we will be encountering over the next 2 months with the plan to add 3 employees (double our size) Currently we have 3 employees who all work on imacs with local files and backup to time capsule. It seems though that we will need to move to a centralized file system soon. I have used a readynas NV in the past and was pleased with its simplicity and robust performance, and that is my inclination for a new "file server" (NAS). That said, I am curious if there would be any major performance enhancements by going to the xserve for a file server or if it is a mute point if I am not hosting anything on the server. Our CAD software is hard disk heavy with constant access to a centralized "library", so performance gains would be appreciated. Thanks for your input.