Seems to me he has been brainwashed by his PC friends .

Correct me if wrong

1. Destroying MP3 player innovation through anti-competitive practices ;

His point is only iPods and therefore anti competitive . I believe only iPod will play AAC , so really he has this wrong . I think other MP3 players can be hacked for iTunes , maybe they don't want to pay apple a fee for iTunes whatever that might be .

2. Monopolistic practices in telecommunications;

This is dead wrong if he took the time to check , top of the line smart phones are all tied to one provider , more so if subsidized . Palm Pre example is tied to Sprint , dumb phones can be bought anywhere .

3. Draconian App Store policies that are, frankly, insulting;

Another dead wrong , Apple main goal was security quality - then you had those porn apps and shake the baby apps that creep in <-- try and imagine if Apple just let any hacker hose up apps at the store , lets call it the iCrap Store .

4. Being a horrible hypocrite by banning other browsers on the iPhone;

Not sure about this one , I believe that Safari for the iPhone is a special build . I don't think Apple is blocking other browsers per say just they are not 100% compatible , besides would you want to download bloated IE to a 8 gig iPhone ?

5. Blocking the Google Voice Application on the iPhone;

I sorta agree with this one - however Apple does have voice command , maybe Apple should allow Google on older iPhones pre 3Gs = Duplicating services does that create buggy possibilities ?