Don't assume that you wont want the newer technology. I had been clamoring for Apple to develop an release an iPhone for years and all I ever really wanted were features that one might consider among the more basic.

But as I have grown into the phone, I find that this thing has got uses for which I never would have dreamed-- uses that are far too numerous to mention here. And lets just say, for the sake of discussion that you really are only concerened with phone functionality... the voice control functiuon alone is worth the price of admission.

Is space an issue? I don't think that the 3G comes in anything bigger than 8 gigs. I know that might sound like a lot to some, but when a music library could be 10 times that, having a little more wiggle room might not be a bad idea. I synch all my four and five star songs (484 songs) to the phone plus everything additional that is in a playlist called "phone specific" (another 719 songs). The more songs you have in a library, the more interesting the genius playlists created by the phone can be. And because I have more than enough room, I have no qualms about adding another 2-3-4 hundred songs should I have the inclination to do so.

I dunno... it's a hundred bucks. Maybe that really is a lot. It's not like I'm rich-- like a lot of people, I tend to live a bit beyond my means sometimes (I know--tsk tsk), but I wouldn't compromise when it comes to this subject. No way.