Now the tough part... at least for me.
Installing the Blu-Ray drive.
I have never done this and went to town immediately since the drive was delivered the day before I got the MP.
Getting the drive module out was some work but I figured it out. Quite simple now that I know how it's done.

You can see that Apple has supplied the MP with the appropriate connector which on the first gen you had to run the extra cable yourself after purchasing it to the mobo with an L-connector. Easy as pie now. Cable-ready it is.

Here's the unit on my counter.

It rides on the same rails/buttons config as the memory board.

I had a hella time getting it in and working.

At first it wouldn't eject due to the faceplate. I finally realized that came off and then it wouldn't eject and neither would the supplied Pioneer Apple drive. I had tried to remove the plate on the front of the box and got some tabs out of whack... once I figured that out (next day) I was good to go.

Here's a new

And opening the mounted BD to drop in data and burn from the Finder since I was waiting on my Toast Titanium 10.

I burned some photos for my wife. She has 54 GB of family and event photos dating back to 2003.
After formatting there is only 46.61 GB left. Imagine that. I lost almost as much as fits on a DVD to formatting. LOL

I burned her a full disk and it took 90 minutes on a 2x Sony BD. I had ordered 10 2x BDs on Ebay from a guy in Japan and had them shipped since 50 GB discs cost about $20.00 otherwise.
They cost me $10.21 each from Japan.

I figure the free 25 GB 4x Ridata I got with the burner will burn in about 22 minutes.

Toast window..

Then I realized that my wifes folders also contained video... which wouldn't work for my project. I was making her a massive Photo Disc in Toast to play on our BD Player so she can see them on the HDTV in our living room.
After removing the video files I had a bunch of room left on the disc to burn.
I have been working on this a bit at a time and adding in photos of mine since she always complains she doesn't get to see all of my shots. I still have 2 GB left and we now stand at 19,343 photos.
This from cameras in 2003 till now that range from 6-8-10 MP.
So figure over 20,000 photos on a disc. She is gonna be in front of that TV for a looong time.
grin grin grin