I recently advised a friend to ditch her Mac and get a PC. (Those situations do arise!*)

But she wants to keep her iTunes library. I know how to move the music and then the library file from one Mac to another, but what's the best method to move from Mac to Windows?

I'd like to keep all the playcounts, playlists, etc.--stuff contained only in Apple iTunes Library file (not, as I understand it, in the XML which contains only certain info).

If it can't be done, it can't, but I thought I'd ask smile (Burning a stack of CDs is not an option.)

* Her Mac needs a 3-prong outlet, and she can't afford to have an electrician install any in her new apartment. Rather than frying the Mac (since surge protectors need 3 prongs), she bought a cheap Dell. A REALLY cheap Dell--you get what you pay for, but I think it was a good purchase given her constraints. I helped her cherry-pick features to get the cost down below $400 on a Celoron laptop.

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