Still haven't decided if I'm a MacCentral refugee. I'm a MacCentral Outathere, but I'm not sure that the whole forum debacle hasn't cured me of the forum habit altogether.<br><br>I've been thinking about it very seriously the last coupla days. While it's nice to think that the environs here are so very welcoming (and they are) and it's nice to see that with the old friends who have journeyed over are also new potential friends. But I'm also finding myself feeling very ambivalent about the forum dynamic itself.<br><br>Just a little backtrack here, and some info for MacMinute folks who have no idea who I am (not that I suggest you should care who I am). Just a few weeks ago, after a couple thousand posts on MacCentral, I fled the scene because of the rising hostility I felt was overtaking the forums. After a flurry of private messages, I was lured back with accompanying melodrama (and serious regret by at least one person, who sent me the following PM: "Just stay the f**k away, a**h*le."). <br><br>At first, despite the PM above, it felt good to be back. I participated with renewed vigor in a variety of discussions, both Mac-related and and not. For the record, my own OT-to-Mac posts were probably 5-to-1, and I know from other PMs I received that I inspired some serious ire with my OT tendencies. I also participated enthusiastically in the MacCentral Mosaic project, signed up for the MacCentral Folding@Home Team, etc.<br><br>Then the latest debacle happened, and I was left with the feeling What was the point in coming back? And further, what's the point altogether? I've fled other forums in the past, though none to which I had committed so much time and so much of myself, and it was always because the dynamic inevitably degrades, over time, to hostility, back-biting, imperiousness, etc.<br><br>I think the situation over at MacCentral has been very seriously mismanaged by Jim Dalrymple, (yes, it's not an enviable position, but Jim buckled to the bullies and subsequently only took baby-steps back) The landscape left in the wake of all this is tentative, anxious, unpleasant, strained. Supposedly a compromise has been reached, but it strikes me as the kind of compromise made with guns pointed at everyone's head.<br><br>So here I am, a refugee yet again, regretting the time I spent posting there, regretting the time I spent on my Mosaic tile. I'm seriously considering withdrawing my tile altogether on the grounds that I have such bad feelings about MacCentral that I don't care to have my artwork associated with it. The only thing that's holding me back is the respect I feel for those who organized the project and the fact that the proceeds are going to a worthy cause. But the name "MacCentral" itself is tainted for me now, and thus the project has lost its luster as well.<br><br>And, while I can pick up stakes and move to this new home, I'm left wondering if I really want to go through this all again? How long before someone else comes along and pitches a fit about the trivial? How long before the flame wars over nothing begin? How long before the hostile PMs arrive here telling me that I'm a despicable person, I don't deserve to be a father, etc?<br><br>I mean, who needs it?<br><br>