Marg was telling me she bought a Spanish translator app for her phone . Real slick you type in english say "wheres the restroom" and it speaks back in Spanish or type in Spanish it will speak back in english , whats cool too you can pre-save translations so you don't have to re-type them over and over . Great if traveling to a country that speaks very little english

The lobby story is funny
Reminds of the time I had a appointment on the 15th floor but the elevator only went to the 10th floor "HuH" so I tried the 2nd elevator and it too only goes to the 10th floor . So I walk back outside to check the building address and walked back inside to look for a building directory which there was none to be found . Turns out you ride the elevator to the 5th floor and walk down the hallway around a corner and catch a different set of elevators - laugh