Thanks, a good read. I have some of these already, at least the free ones.

Next flight might seem like a good idea but when I miss a flight I have the 800 numbers of every airlines which I call while in line. Talking to a human always gets me the best flight.

UrbanSpoon is great. I even like using it in areas I think I know all the restaurants to try something different.

WeatherBug seems to be the cat's meow for weather apps. Radar and nice forecast and present conditions.

Google Earth. Amazing.

Room. Waitaminut. I need a separate app to remember my hotel room? Don't think so. I wrote it in my "notes" as I checked in. Really as long as I say it out loud three times I won't forget except the hotel last week did throw me a curve. It turns out it has a north and a south lobby that are identical. I walked in the wrong one and could not find my room. They really need to add a big plant to one of the lobbies.

Writeroom. I need something more than notes. This might be it.

Packing. An app to make a list for packing? A little OCD. I now go minimal. I carry one small carry on with my MBA, a couple pair of underwear and maybe one extra shirt. Socks in winter. Takes me about 9 seconds to pack.

But as of this week I am officially a stay at home curmudgeon. I might not have to get on another plane until next February. Yes!