Pretty amazing. I got the phone about an hour before I jumped on a plane to DC so I didn't have the manual. Took me a while to figure out all I have to do is hit the "find me" button twice and it will kick the compass into gear.

A new hotel and I had time to kill so I walked down to the National Mall. One would think with all these landmarks sticking out you could not lose where north was but I missed my street. By using the map and compass it was too easy.

The real problem will be relying on this thing. I did that a lot the first time I went into the woods with a GPS. If you are looking down at some Gizmo and not paying attention you can still get screwed up. Because I was not keeping track of how trails met I was confused about which one to take on the way back off the mountain. If the batteries died I would have really been screwed. I always now take a map and compass.

I will try not to make the same mistake with this phone although it is very tempting to let it do everything. It found a good lunch for me and had wiki pages of every monument I stood in front of.

ps. Completely unimpressed with the World War II Memorial. Just a waste of granite. Nice fountain but the whole thing didn't do it for me. The bas reliefs were a joke and there is caulk in between the granite. Who made this thing? A hundred years from now it is not going to fit. It was a great War fought for a noble purpose. I get none of that from the quotes or the architecture. With George W Bush's name emblazoned on the entrance people will remember why.