I'm not sure if this is available for the iPhone, but I believe it is. Folks with the iPhone should check it out.

flexilis site

I've put this on my omnia, and it's pretty sweet. Firewall, backup and virus scanner for mobile devices. For now it's free, and I think beta testers will get to use it for free once it's commercial.

Also, online web management plus GPS location of your phone if it's lost or stolen. It backs up your phone to their website if you wish too, so you can restore your phone online in case it takes a crap. Also if it's stolen (or you just can't find it), you can have the phone emit a screeching alarm, and if it *is* stolen, you can remotely "nuke" the phone so people can't steal your data.

So far today, it's blocked 151 intrusion attempts at my phone. Last week, 981 attempts. Nice.

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