Beck set the story up he was sitting there and Whoopi and Walters came to him. Did he actually used those exact words, NO

"Did he use those exact words, NO"

That's the first correct thing you've said in your post, Dave.

Here is what Beck said on his radio show from the clip Walters and crew used on The View:

"...And so there were four seats at this table and it was empty. So we get in and sit down at the table and and the lady says "Oh no no no no, you can't take those." "Why not?" "They're reserved." "They're reserved? I didn't .. you can't reserve" "No no, these are reserved." Now I'm thinking, Joe "Amtrak" Biden is getting on to tho .. is getting on the train, because you cannot reserve a seat on Amtrak. They don't do it. Well, all of a sudden the police enter. Clear the path. It's Barbara Walters and Whoppi Goldberg. Oh and Steve Kroft. How did they reserve seats on Amtrak when you can't reserve seats on Amtrak? Now as the train took off, and Barbara said "Glenn Beck." I said "Yes Mrs. Walters how are you?" "You're going to be on our show in a couple of weeks I understand." I said "ohhhhhh" and Whoopi looks up over her glasses "Oh yes. Glenn Beck. Yessss..."


1). Beck never said "Barbara Walters came over to me."

2). Walters, Behar and Goldberg accuse Beck of saying "Barbara Walters came over to me" which, again, is something he didn't say.

3). They then accuse Beck of lying (for saying the thing he didn't say).

4). Walter, Behar and Goldberg then become guilty of doing the very thing they're wrongly accusing Beck of doing: Lying. Because they are .. lying .. and misrepresenting what was actually said and, in effect, smearing Glenn Beck all because they don't like his politics. And you're all for it.


You all swim in Keith Olbermann's dirty bathwater. What a poisonous pool.

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