Waitjjustaminute. Not to side track but Hannity did say he would be waterboarded. He said he would do it as a fund raiser for the Iraq troop families.

You mean he actually weaseled out of that? I was so going to watch that and send in money. I figure I would have had to pledge hundredths of a second though since that was as long as he would last.

You mean his apologists parsed every word stripping out all content and intent and said he really did not say it? Well I guess it is a good example of weasels recreating the world out of whole cloth like this Beck incident where they focus on the "did he come are was he called" and miss the whole content and intent of the embarrassing exchange.

The most embarrassing part of the exchange is when Barbara Walters defines Glenn Beck or should I say Glenn defines himself. He is not a reporter, nor an investigative reporter. He is a "commentator." And as such he does not report news he only commentates. This gives him the license to lie, snivel, weasel, make stuff up, pantomine, and generally just be a goofy two bit radio show host who has somehow garnered the spotlight since his political position is found wanting of any leaders so it befalls Rush and Glenn to explain it. But since they are only commentators and not reporters they get to exaggerate, pontificate and lie. We have heard this excuse for Rush hundreds of times so why not Glenn too?

I think it is great. Rahm Emanuel is laughing through his Monday morning meeting as his plan to make the two of them the de facto leaders of the Republican party works to perfection. That the Bush butt sniffers are out on the street without a job so the butts of Glenn and Rush are the only ones available is just grist for the Daily Show.

When I got my marching orders last Monday morning from Rahm he said, "if Glenn, Rush and Hannity did not exist I would have to create them." I'm starting to think Rahm did make them somehow. Oh wait, I just noticed the title of this thread, the main ingredient of Rahm's recipe:
1) Take one warm sack of dog mess, stir slowly over low heat ...