What an unbelievable topic! laugh I've got time. Let's defend the Hollywood Elite from America's Biggest Rodeo Clown ... here's my opinion:

Beck begins by saying he's seated behind the seats he believes are reserved for Biden. (1:21)
Next he says police enter and clear the way for Walters, Goldberg & Croft. (1:57) Beck says the seats were reserved for them.
He then says the train begins to move, and Walters says to him "Glen Beck".... (3:02)

So Beck set the scene that (only Liberals) must visualize.
He's seated, Walters enters under escort to the table seat in front of him, Walters talks to him.

Beck's apologists are almost as humorous as those that defended Rush "he never said he hoped Obama would Fail!" or Hannity "never said he would be waterboarded!". As Beck said during his View interview, he's "only a commentator" ... and as such in his defense when facing the Hollywood Elite face-to-face after he used show to paint them as snobs, truth and facts don't matter much when there's higher ratings to be had.

Why Walters and Goldberg even brought it up is ridiculous and self-serving. They should have spent the interview asking him why he can't tell the truth about the big political issues that matter to a whole lot more people.