I've lost respect for Walters, she went from a good investigative reporter to more of a good reporter for the National Enquirer.

Whoopi was good in Ghost because the part was basically just her, but she hasn't really stood out in anything else she's done IMO. She's like Kevin Costner, a one note actor, not much change in voice, actions, body language, facial expressions etc. Each character is about the same.

The only thing I give Beck credit for is actually walking into that hornet's nest in the first place, that took big ones. Agreeing to go on the View is like agreeing to go on 60 minutes, you best be squeaky clean or get ready for a ride.

That was the longest I've watched too except for clips from Whoopi's first day. Something about sitting down for an hour and watching 5 angry women bellow doesn't rate up there for me. What scares me is how long the show has been on, and the fact that there are that many angry people on the loose that subscribe to that vulture mindset. I'd rather watch Springer, at least he doesn't take himself seriously like the women on the View do. crazy