I agree, her rationalization of Vick was hypocritical. But she nailed Beck on this one, the video tells it all. ... and Now Beck has done a 180 and is as bad as she was about Vick.

Maybe Whoopi got the AA for playing Oda Mae (Ghost) because she was just being her true self ? wink

I liked her in that movie and Sister Act... she was funny.... but there she was an actress... not an authority.

But I agree, how she and Walters become authorities and knowledgeable commentators is beyond me; they have no more qualifications than Beck, Rush, Hannity, O' Reilly, or Savage. IMHO they all blow some smoke.

Celandine: waddyu got against Chicken McNuggets!?!

they taste like they came out of the wrong end of the bird !! laugh
David (OFI)