I loved both she & Opra in "The Color Purple".

If you remember her old One Woman Show, you've seen
her talent as an acute observer of Human nature.
She BECAME her characters.

Just like George Carlin... the only thing that qualifies
them above most of us, is the keen observational skills,
the ability to analyze and articulate YOUR SPIN on what
you've seen, and the outspokenness to voice that opinion.
A Social Commentator, with a flair for politics.

Some people like Bill Maher, some Steven Colbert, whatever
the only time I check it out is through links from here,
I do a little further research .. but soon tire of it if
it can't keep my interest.

I never watch the show, but I suppose she's entertaining.
I don't "do" daytime TV. LOL just not a "Soapy" I guess.