Oh, that sounds good. Love dessert.

I'll have to get my wife's recipe for a bomb/bombe? thing. I assume it's killer, but have no personal experience of it, as our dinner guests devoured it so ravenously and thoroughly that none was left for me (after I had stepped outside for just a few minutes to have a quick drink and toke with a friend), requests for the recipe, near legendary status amoung that party's guests, etc, etc.

However, one of my alltime favorite standbys is pretty simple. Take a good ball of white chocolate cookie dough (scratch is best, but those pre-made store-bought buckets or rolls work, too). Bake a nice small pancake sized cookie, soft, thickish. Put on some good dollops of good rich vanilla ice cream (again, scratch is better, but store bought works). Spoon on some really good preserves (I like raspberry or strawberry) that you've cooked with some Cointreau or VSOP (or regular brandy) or in keeping (a fruit based higher test distilled alcohol, of complimentary flavor) (kind of cool looking, too, as this stuff will flame briefly). Kind of a really satisfying, intoxicating, sensual down-home decadence, but anything that killer would pass muster on any table anywhere.