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How would I reformat the drive? Is there a command that I can type in to do this? I cant even get into the operating system at this point.
You reformat the drive using Disk Utility (located in the Applications/Utilities folder in a normal installation) while started under Mac OS X. That's a bit of a problem since you can't get the machine to start up, and there aren't many options with this particular model, especially lacking Firewire.

OK - so you've tried all the suggestions, resetting non-volatile RAM, tested your memory DIMMs, tried to boot without extensions, and tried to boot to open firmware. You don't have any CDs that boot. I think you may be down to your last option - take the drive to another Mac with an empty drive bay and parallel ATA connector, an external enclosure, or a naked drive adapter. Once you have it in another Mac, you can decide whether you want to try loading 10.4 as Reboot recommended, or just restore 10.3.
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