James, did you read the post Reboot posted in your other thread?

He posted a link that went here. I think this is what you need to read/do:

If you have an external FireWire DVD drive and a FireWire/USB card, you can use that.

XPF downloads and information are at:

At that website, you have a choice between version 4.0b5 and 3.0. The author of XPF points out that 4.0b5 is a beta and experimental, and 3.0 is "stable." I've used every version of XPF from the mid-alpha versions on and would strongly recommend 4.0b5.

The XPF forums are sponsored by Other World Computing.

There is a $25 registration charge for posting/support by the author and other experts. But you can browse free. While you're there, see the "General HOWTOs / FAQs' forum, including my 15 tips on how to install Tiger.

My only association with XPF is as a user and my only association with Other World Computing is as a consumer and registrant for XPF support.