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Even at that the system might feel like walking through molasses on a 350 MHz G3. That was my experience on a beige G3, but I was willingly putting money and time into it for the benefit of the adventure.
Thanks for the props but I'm just a guy that spends way too much time around and in front of computers. smirk

10.4 wasn't bad on a slot loading iMac, very useable, I found it quicker than 10.3. On a tray loader though the need for a decent graphics card made the tray loaders definitely much slower on 10.4 as compared to 10.3 The beige G3's and tray loading iMacs had a 66Mhz bus as compared to the 100 Mhz of the SL iMac, and the SL iMac had a huge 8 M graphics card, as compared to the stock 2 M graphics on the beige and tray loading . Those 2 things made a huge difference.

James, any more questions feel free to ask of course. smile