Hey, 'boot.

I didn't see your reply there when I started. Did I really work on that for 30 minutes?

When we found out which machine he has through John's question, I began to look at the specs, and I became concerned that the RAM and HD size would need to be significantly upgraded to accommodate 10.4 plus Classic. Even at that the system might feel like walking through molasses on a 350 MHz G3. That was my experience on a beige G3, but I was willingly putting money and time into it for the benefit of the adventure. (It was a bear to maintain too - 10.3.x, I think. What was that app that let you do the non-standard install? Can't remember.) Since I didn't want to go into non-standard installs, I was being careful not to lead him on. But you were already there!

Well, James it's all laid out for you now, so you can make an informed decision on how adventurous you want to be - which is good. (Reboot is a power user around here, in case you haven't figured that out.) Let us know how it goes.

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