Hi Scout,

He said in an earlier post he is new to the Mac and just wants to experiment with it so I gave him his options One can't really go by Apple specs for maximum OS. I have installed Tiger on many iMacs that Apple said 10.3.9 was max. I always have used the method of taking the HD out of the iMac and installing 10.4 from a compatible machine. Tiger on a tray loading iMac ran slow so I put Panther back on, but it ran.

I put Leopard on a 533 Mhz G4 by installing on another machine then putting the HD back into the 533, it ran fine. Apple puts out those specs because sometimes there are limitations on certain applications due to hardware, mainly video stuff. For example on some machines DVD player wouldn't run. I think it was because DVD Player used Core Graphics in Leopard instead of QuickDraw so some video cards couldn't run it.