AT&T had a refurb special $99 !! ..and I'm getting Apple Care on this one! My old iPhone died 2 months ago and I've felt naked with this "Go Phone", with no features... clunky menus... AHHH! Drives me nutz ! Only reason I got it was that it was a hand me down from my #2 son just to get me to June/July when the new iPhone arrives (3rd Generation).

well son #1 iPhone (2G) has some slight damage, his ringtones don't work well and the screen looks like it has a little water damage- everything else is fine. He doesn't know how that happened, but it's 20 months old... so I checked with AT&T on line and here's my shrewd plan. BWAH-AH-AHA-HA ! whistle

1. Dad replaces Go Phone with 8 Gb 3G iPhone now.
2. 3rd Gen iPhone comes out in summer and Dad upgrades.
3. Transfers Data to new phone and ships this one to son #1.
4. Son #1 transfers data from damaged old 2G to new 3G phone...
we're all so much better off...

The AT&T guy said Yes it's doable. I recorded it ! wink

so in 2 Days I'm back to normal - somewhat. Still gotta replace all those notes I had !! aye-ya-ya cry


David (OFI)