Over the weekend I noticed that after charging my phone immediately before retiring for the night, when I woke in the a.m., the phone only had about 1/3 of that charge left [2/3 missing!]

I got on line to check it out and found things that were suggested to lessen the battery use and keep charges longer. I wasn't using anything that might be causing my problem.

So I headed for the Apple Store. Of course the place was busting at the seams with people, people, people. I made an appointment for 5:50 [1-1/2 hour wait].

Then I talked to various people. Watched some one on one folks with their projects and played with lots of iPod Touch games. Got a pretzel and went to the Container Store for a couple of things.

The Genius checked out my phone and went to the back room for further consultation. When he came back I expected him to say I would get a new battery. Instead he said I was getting a new iPhone [faulty equipment].

Nice going Apple! I love it!