It's all very well pursuing a career when you're young and thereby delaying the time when you settle down into family life but I reckon people should be in some way discouraged from having kids if they can't really look after them properly. Same goes for grandparents who often want to step into the breach to help out - there's such a thing as being just too old to look after young kids. Everyone knows that the older you get the more disabilities you're likely to suffer from and the less likely you are to able to take proper care of children - 48 years is way over the top for looking after kids and by the time you're about 59, let's face it, you're on your last legs. Put it this way, if society wants to tolerate people having kids whom they can't properly look after and when the grandparents are too old to do so then it should be prepared to take them away and find young foster parents who might have a bit more energy for looking after them.