I've just had a hilarious week collating someone's contacts lists from a mobile phone, Outlook 03 (win) and a fat filofax. That was sort of the easy part, except that outlook chooses which fields it puts address and name data into without telling you it's doing that, so I had to re-edit a whole load of records that had people's surname in the middle name field etc.

Then the fun begins - outlook, the phone, and the awful, awful filofax address book printer app all use the same data different ways. And when you export an address from outlook - well, if the address has 2 or more street lines, like:
Flat 1
200 Sklibbage Avenue

then you'd expect outlook to be storing the lines in Street1, Street2, Street3, wouldn't you? since it has those fields. But no, when you export the data, it shoves all the street lines into one field with line breaks in it, which messes up the csv file. I had to import the csv into OpenOffice Calc and do a regex search/replace on the address fields so that the filofax app would display the whole address properly.

Windows apps are crap. Still, I'm getting paid by the hour smile

- padmavyuha
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